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Source: GLA, Grow Back Greener Fund, 2020

TreeTalk would like to partner with charities, community groups, residents associations and other organisations applying for the Greater London Authority’s ‘Grow Back Greener’ Fund.

Grants range from £5,000 - £50,000 and are available to create and improve green spaces in London’s urban areas. It’s a great opportunity to get your project funded. Applications close 5 October 2020.

The fund aims to ‘ a wide range of activities to help make London greener, fairer, healthier and more resilient. These activities should take place in and enhance publicly accessible spaces including parks, community gardens, housing estates, streets, waterways and nature reserves. They should mainly be focused on making physical improvements to the space.’

We believe TreeTalk can be part of the solution, and through TreeTalk Local, we offer a way to engage with your communities in a new way, and provide a means to illustrate the impact that your projects are delivering.

How does TreeTalk Local work?

We launched a TreeTalk Local for Abundance London as part of their project supporting new street trees in a specific area of Chiswick and Ealing. This project enables the community to adopt and look after trees, giving residents a means of improving the environment where they live.

Take a look at it here:

TreeTalk Local in action - highlighting newly planted street trees

How does TreeTalk do this?

TreeTalk Local is developed specifically for local tree planting and maintenance initiatives.

TreeTalk Local is your very own version of our immensely popular TreeTalk London but aimed at your local streets, or park.

Out of the box, TreeTalk Local offers you:

  • Open Access - a public mobile optimised web application
  • Your Own Area Defined - define the specific project area: anything from the whole city to just a few streets or a local park.
  • Display Your Data - we add your location-based data to the interface, the data remains yours and can be extracted at any time.
  • Engage volunteers and local residents with features:
    • Adoption - Adopt a tree, a wildflower patch, or other node shown on the map.
    • Maintenance rota - Notify when a maintenance, such as watering, has been completed. Gently remind people when something needs doing.
    • A local weather station for every tree or garden - rainfall and temperature
    • Observations - Enable users to post messages about their activities and share photos of how well “their” tree is doing or the colourful beetle they saw sitting in its branches.
    • Your OwnTreeTalk URL - this could be a specific domain or a subdomain, e.g.

As well as all these powerful features, it also offers the classic TreeTalk benefits of beautiful mapping, daily tree walk generation and fascinating information and photos on your local trees.

TreeTalk Local lets you engage residents with their trees and teaches them about what trees need

Partnering with TreeTalk

Partnering with us allows you to enable greater transparency, wider engagement and provides you with the same IT and features developed for TreeTalk over a number of years.

Through our novel software platform, we aim to support organisations engaged in the vitally important work of improving London’s environment and increasing access to green spaces.

We’d love to hear from you

If #GrowBackGreener sounds interesting, and you’d like to discuss how we can help develop a project with your organisation, then contact us now at at: [email protected].