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Over the past few months, there has been a huge interest from people taking in their local surroundings and appreciating their environment more. It has been great to hear how TreeTalk has been able to make a difference, and to help make that every day experience a little bit better for everyone. What's nice, is the way everyone focuses on the features is different way.

We love these articles!

Tree mapping app blossoms as city-dwellers seek out nature in lockdown, Record traffic for TreeTalk sparks global interest as users reconnect with the species that line their streets -The Guardian (5 June 2020)

Explore London through its trees, "...allowing residents to explore, discover, and identify our carbon-capturing leafy friends as they roam the streets, parks and waterways of the Big Smoke..." - The Big Issue (4 June 2020)

Tens of thousands of Londoners use TreeTalk app to explore urban nature on coronavirus lockdown, An app logging over 700,000 of London's trees is encouraging citizens to embrace urban nature during the coronavirus lockdown, by discovering and identifying trees in their local area during their daily walk - Evening Standard (28 May 2020)

'London is a forest, and this map explores its trees', BigThink (May 2020)

'New app encourages Londoners to pay more attention to trees on their daily walk', CityMetric (May 2020)

'A map of the trees of London', ianVisits (May 2020)

And we were very proud to be featured on BBC London News (27 May 2020)

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